9 Reasons To Choose Macro

We know you have a large selection of IT providers in Northern Virginia and the entire metro DC area. We hope this information about Macro will help you make the right choice for your business.

  1. Expertise.
    1. Experience.  You can trust that we know what we are doing.  We have been providing IT services in the DC metro area for over 20 years.  We are a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist.  Our technicians are all Microsoft certified.  We know the area.  We know the business.
    2. Network.  We belong to a number of different networks that connect us to thousands of IT service providers throughout the US.  This network provides us with experience beyond that of our individual employees.   If we have not “been there and done that”, then we can locate someone that has.
    3. Current.  We do not rest on our experience alone.  We are committed to staying current and up-to-date on IT developments and news that will affect you and your network.  This is important because technology continues to rapidly evolve.  We stay current through numerous journals, weekly phone conferences and webinars, as well as seminars throughout the year.
  2. 24/7 Service. Night, Day, Midnight or Dawn- we are there for you.  Our staff answers the phone during the work day.  In the event we are not able to answer the phones  during the work day or after hours, we have an answering service that immediately forwards your message to our service board and calls us with the message- day or night.
  3. Trusted Advisor/Consultant.  We want to be more than the IT guy that you call when something is broke.  We will be there to help you grow and expand your business.  We can advise you on back up storage and cloud computing as well as what server, computer, laptop, tablet or phone to purchase.
  4. Response.  We will respond to emergencies within one hour.  We will always respond, without delay, in a timeframe consistent with your level of need.  When you need us we will be there.
  5. Repair.  We will fix your problems remotely or on-site, the first time.
  6. No geek speak.  We might be geeks, but we speak English.  We will answer your computer support and maintenance questions so that you understand.  Our technicians are trained to avoid the use of highly technical language or phrases when dealing with our clients.
  7. Protect your data.  Rest assured that no damage will occur to your network or your data by our hands.  We will advise you of risks with any service and synchronize and backup our data as required.  We can proudly say we have never lost client data.
  8. Guarantee.  We guarantee our work.  If you are not satisfied, then we will continue to work the problem until you are satisfied.
  9. Accurate Invoicing/Timely Communication.  We proudly use ConnectWise, the premier servicing tool of this industry.  It helps us to serve you better with everything from invoicing to service ticketing tracking.