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Follow These ATM Tips To Avoid 'Skimmers'

Follow These ATM Tips To Avoid 'Skimmers'

Unfortunately, ATM machines can offer hackers a disturbingly large amount of information. These criminals will go to great lengths to obtain important credentials (credit card numbers, expiration dates), including placing ‘skimmers’ in the cash-carrying machines. 

 It can be nearly impossible to recognize if an ATM or other such machine has been compromised. 

Far too many incidents involving a criminal inserting their own malicious hardware onto ATMs that can wirelessly forward credentials has been occuring. They can then collect your valuable credit card information as they see fit.

Could you imagine checking your bank account and finding a zero balance? That could lead to debt. What if someone has stolen your identity and is making purchases in foreign countries? The only way to prevent this is to be aware of ATM skimmers in the first place. Use the following tips when using an ATM.

  • Look For Cameras Around the ATM: Before you insert your card in the ATM, make sure that there are several cameras pointing directly at it. This usually means that a hacker won’t risk tampering with this device. ATMs usually have built-in cameras anyway, but it can never hurt to take another look around.
  • Look For Any Signs of Tampering with the Device: Give the device a once-over before you try to use it. Are any faceplates removed, or devices sticking out of it? If there is anything that doesn’t look natural, chances are that it’s been tampered with by a hacker.
  • Do Additional Testing: Before you place your card in the device, take a look at the insert slot. Has it been placed on artificially? Just look for anything that’s out of place. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What do you think about ATM skimmers? Do you think you can identify threats to your financial credentials? To learn more, reach out to us at 703-359-9211.

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Thursday, 19 April 2018
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