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Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day

The 28th of January marks Data Privacy Day, which is intended to increase awareness of the significance of data privacy and educate users and business owners of its advantages. Led by the National Cyber Security Alliance, there are numerous lessons the NCSA has to share with organizations as Data Privacy Day places their, and their clients’, privacy in the spotlight.

The NCSA, in concurrence with the U.S. Small Business Administration, supplies some guidelines for businesses to follow in order to protect privacy as far as organizational data and personal information are concerned.

Guarding Your Company

Almost every company gathers and utilizes personal information from its clients, employees, and vendors. Thus, it is also the responsibility of the company to ensure that this data remains private and safe. In this digital era, businesses need to be transparent with their data privacy policies, as even the mere accusation of a data loss event or misusing of their information in any way can be tragic. There should never be a moment where a customer accuses you of collecting more data than they agreed to, without you having proof that they had been notified and provided their consent. A privacy policy needs to be available for you to provide to your clients.

But this needs to be more than a mere policy. It needs to become a tangible part of your business, and enforced as such. Frequently reminding your employees of the significance of privacy and data security should become essential to your company culture. As the NCSA and the SBA state, you should “communicate clearly and often what privacy means to your organization,” as well as being sure to “educate employees about their role in privacy [and] security...”

Your organization's efforts should extend to your internal employees but also to any external or third party resources you may utilize. You need to assure your partners or vendors with access to your network and its sensitive data that your organization is taking your security as seriously as they are. Many organizations require all external resources to sign a network use agreement that holds them liable in the event their actions result in a breach of privacy.

Privacy at Home or While Traveling

Data security is not limited to work done in your office. You also need to grow an even greater awareness and respect for privacy at home or while traveling. Any device that is used for work must be treated with the same security-minded processes that you and your employees would utilize in the office.

You must also remind anyone that lives in your home that they need to be careful with their personal information. While they may not have a business to manage, there are still many consequences to deal with if their data is breached. Thus, the entire family has to be mindful about what they share online, avoiding sharing too much and keeping personal details close to the chest. This is especially true if you have children and teens under your care and supervision, as they could face a lifetime of consequences.

Macro Systems knows how important your privacy is. When you have built up and maintained a company, you want to preserve it, and maintaining data privacy can help keep both it and you secure. Macro Systems appreciate how big of a commitment it is to be entrusted with that responsibility, and will embrace the chance to live up to it with your data.

Please, lean on Macro Systems for more assistance and advice. Call us today at 703.359.9211.

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