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Conquering Page Orientation in Microsoft Word

Conquering Page Orientation in Microsoft Word

Sometimes using Microsoft Word requires the addition of an outside element, usually something like an Excel sheet, PowerPoint slide or other visual aid. A recurring issue involves having to alter the size of the external element to fit between the margins of the portrait orientation, ultimately subtracting from its impact.

Below is a brief example of an occasion where changing the orientation for a single page in a document might valuable.

Portrait to Landcape

Start by navigating to the page inside your Microsoft Word document that you would like to alter the orientation of. Then make sure that your cursor is on the page.

Next, open the Layout menu and click the button to expand the Page Setup sub menu. 

Open Page Setup MenuThen select the orientation you want and what you’d like it applied to using the drop down menu, as demonstrated. In this instance, you’ll select ‘This section’. Click OK.

Switching Menu Orientation

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Friday, 20 April 2018
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