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Virginia To Update Voting Machines

Virginia To Update Voting Machines

The 2016 United States presidential election was an ugly one for several reasons, including the accusation that hacked voting machines could have altered the outcome of the election significantly. Fortunately, there are steps being taken to alleviate the worries that third parties might alter the outcome of such important events.

One state that has been taking measures to keep hackers out of their affairs is Virginia, which has recently made the choice to replace direct-recording electronic voting machines with those that can produce paper documents. Furthermore, Virginia has introduced legislation that will remove touch-screen voting devices by November 7th, which is when voters will choose their next governor, among other political positions.

Politico reports that Governor McAuliffe sought legislation which would provide funds to purchase new voting hardware, but was initially denied. That was two years ago. Now, however, they have little choice but to upgrade away from their current systems, as the machines used currently will no longer be certified.

The Board of Elections has recommended that other states follow suit with this decision, but it's impossible to know if they will. It’s easy to argue that paper ballots retain the authenticity required of important elections, but counting paper ballots is a time-consuming process that we wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to automate with more developed technology. Still, the risk of using technology to do the dirty work is a risky one, as you are placed in a position where hackers can easily impact the data contained by the election system.

Your business is no different. While it makes sense to have physical documents in the office for specific reasons, it makes more sense to have these documents backed up in an online environment. Unfortunately, the same risks that plague voting systems can exist in your technological infrastructure. If the systems aren’t sustained, they could be subject to various vulnerabilities and hacking attacks. No business wants to endure one of these, especially with so much sensitive data on the line.

Macro Systems can equip your business with the tools you need to secure your organization’s future. We can equip your business with a Unified Threat Management tool that’s designed to augment your organization’s network security with a four-pronged defense mechanism designed to prevent infections in the first place. Call us at 703-359-9211 today to learn more.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018
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