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Your Business Has To Supervise Mobile Devices For The Interest Of Its Security

Your Business Has To Supervise Mobile Devices For The Interest Of Its Security

Businesses can profit from the use of personal mobile devices in the workplace, but there are also dangers in allowing mobile and Internet of Things devices to access your network. In order to reduce these risks, you need to put some limits and guidelines on the use of such devices in the workplace.

Clarifying Limitations and Acceptable Devices
In order to avoid your network being used for extracurricular purposes, set limitations as to what kind of devices are able to access it. For example: the Internet of Things. While the security of some IoT devices has been improved, there are still many with no defense of which to speak that pose substantial danger to your network. Limiting network access to devices that can specifically be used in a professional manner can help protect your network.

Devices in the work place can still lead to distractions. Assume that each of your employees has a smartphone, laptop, tablet, and/or wearable device that is in the office with them every day. Not only can these all serve as interruptions, they can take up necessary bandwidth in the office, reducing the efficiency of the office as a whole. However, you can also restrict how many devices each employee can have linked to the network at a time, so that strategy can help as well.

Implement An Access Policy
Human error is one of the biggest causes of data loss. To help combat the ill effects that irresponsible or abusive mobile device use can have to your business, help your employees to grasp their role in--and their importance to--the company’s success in keeping your network safe. Access policies can assist you in achieving this outcome. Remind your employees of their accountability to the rest of your team by inserting password requirements and privacy terms, antivirus expectations, and data loss reporting procedures. You could even discuss penalties that they will face if caught using a company device as they are driving.

Utilizing A Mobile Device Management Solution
To truly assure that your company is not at high risk due to the mobile devices your employees use every day, implement a mobile device management (MDM) solution. MDM applications give you the control you need to ensure your business is protected, allowing you to enforce the device’s proper use and to certify that all required maintenance and patching takes place. Many MDM solutions also allow you to preserve your data security with remote wiping capabilities, should it turn up missing, or worse, stolen.

Mobile devices have been cemented permanently into today’s business-as-usual, allowing for greater productive mobility and job satisfaction. However, they can’t be adopted without preparation and forethought. Cybercrime forces SMBs to keep close tabs on who can access their network and what device they’re using to do so.  Want to learn more about mobile device management, and how Macro Systems can assist you with yours? Call us at 703-359-9211.

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