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security monitoringSecurity Monitoring and Threat Elimination

Threats are going to happen. Be prepared when they strike.

A cyberattack can simply crush your business under the weight of all the downtime, lost productivity, and reputational risks it can inflict. With the increasing number of threats that deliberately target small and medium-sized businesses, these organizations need to have a plan in place to manage the inevitability that one of these attacks is coming for them. Monitoring for these threats is critical.

We offer a fully-managed Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) platform that works in real-time to detect even the most well-disguised threats to your network and infrastructure. In addition to our comprehensive cloud-based SIEM, we provide around-the-clock support, as well as analyze the threats picked up by the SIEM to ensure that every effort is being taken to protect your business’ assets.

Threat Intelligence

Do you know which threats you need to prioritize for?

Knowing what kind of threats your organization is facing at any minute, what those threats are capable of, and how to eliminate them goes a long way toward keeping your network security strategies solid. Traditional security solutions can provide a lot of benefits to your business, but they won’t catch everything. In adding Macro Systems’s 24/7 threat reporting service, you are ensuring that all threats, no matter the size, are getting the attention they need to be handled promptly.

Our solution comes with many options designed to provide dynamic usability, while still being as comprehensive as any other managed-SIEM platform on the market. Our dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) is constantly investigating a litany of threats, but your organization’s IT administrators have full control over ThreatRespond’s notifications.

Event Log Management and Storage

Stay compliant with powerful reporting tools.

Today, businesses spend countless hours trying to meet the myriad of compliance regulations. These regulations require businesses to monitor, collect, and keep relevant logs; and, often for a fair amount of time. If your company is looking for help staying compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOx, GLB, GDPR, or any other regulation or industry standard, Macro Systems’s Security Monitoring and Threat Elimination service is a comprehensive, completely-managed solution that provides all relevant security logs, application, system, and directory service events, and domain name server events.

Having a comprehensive network security strategy is more important today than ever. For the small business owner who has to focus as much attention and energy as possible helping his organization turn a profit, it can be a real time sink. Macro Systems’s completely-managed and comprehensive Security Monitoring and Theft Elimination service is the answer for the small business looking to prevent threats that would otherwise ruin their operational efficiency and their regulatory compliance. Call our IT professionals today for more information at (703) 359-9211.

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