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Placing a Table of Contents in a Google Document

Placing a Table of Contents in a Google Document

If a document you have written is wide in length, placing a table of contents can assist the reader in locating certain topics or chapters, saving them time. 

In order to use the Table of Contents feature, you need to deploy the preset heading and title formatting option. This can be found next to the font on the dashboard. Anything labeled as ‘Title’ will not be included in your table of contents.

Title Heading

Heading 1 is used for significant topic changes or phases, such as sections or chapters.

Heading 1

Initially the heading size and font are set to a frequently used size and font, but you can change the size and header to whatever you want to use for your document by selecting to update heading.

After updating the heading information, see that the drop down menu has also updated the heading options to your selected format.

A look at heading options

Repeat the two previous steps for the other subheadings.

Header 2

Once you finished setting your headers, you can now tell Google Docs to generate a table of contents. Select  Insert > Table of contents  then select the table style you like the best. You can select from a table with page numbers:

Page NumbersPage Populated

Or one with hyperlinks:

Anchor Links
Anchor Links Populated

Whichever option you choose, you will now have a table of contents that is not difficult to navigate in your document.

For more great tips and tricks that you can use to gain productivity, visit Macro System’s blog regularly.

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