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4 Advantages To Using Managed IT

4 Advantages To Using Managed IT

How does your business control its mission-critical technology solutions? We know that most small businesses have some trouble with this topic, either due to budget restrictions or a lack of personnel. There is a better way to manage your business’ technology: managed IT services.

Some small companies rely on their staff to ensure technology maintenance occurs regularly; there are better ways to handle this. Your employees do not have the same skills and certifications that a trained IT technician will have. If you don’t have an in-house IT department then most likely your employees don’t have anyone to go to if they're having technology troubles, forcing them to figure out the problems for themselves.

You didn’t hire these specialists to do their job in addition to IT maintenance. You hired them to use their skills for the betterment of your business; chances are that they are spending more time than necessary on troubleshooting technology problems. Your company doesn’t have time or resources to waste on managing IT tasks. Instead, let a managed IT provider like Macro Systems handle this responsibility. Here are four advantages that your business can take utilize with managed IT.

User Efficiency
When your workers can reach out for assistance with their IT problems whenever necessary, they are much more efficient. Too many employees are concerned over how much cost their company will incur by contacting outside assistance, and avoid that outside assistance as a result. When employees don’t hesitate to get the IT help they need, they can focus solely on their work. In addition, since your technology is maintained in a more efficient way, your workstations will simply run better, which leads to improved user productivity.

Decreased IT Expenses
Managed IT means that your business’ technology is going to be maintained regularly; this will  decrease your IT expenses in the long run. You’ll also be at a reduced risk of hardware failure, which can make a significant difference in your budget. Replacing expensive equipment like workstations or servers in the event of a failure is a capital expense that no business wants.

Increased IT Staff Productivity
Do you have an in-house IT department? If you do, chances are that they don’t have time to address all of the responsibilities they have been given. They likely only have time to devote to helping your employees with their technology problems. By working with a managed IT provider, you can supplement your IT staff so that they can get the most work done in the limited amount of time they are available.

Better Return on Investment
The break-fix model to IT maintenance is a problem for many businesses because it can result in major long-term costs. Add in a couple of hardware failures and the downtime they cause and you have a considerable issue at hand. Managed IT resolves these issues for a small monthly fee, rather than a major up-front expense that cripples your budget. Thus, you pay less for more, offering a greater return on investment.

Does your business’ budget need some relief? Numerous small businesses need the flexibility that managed IT provides. Macro Systems can help your organization succeed by improving the way you manage your technology. To learn more, reach out to Macro Systems at 703-359-9211.

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Monday, 19 March 2018
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