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Internet of Things Security is a Vital Business Concern

Internet of Things Security is a Vital Business Concern

The Internet of Things (IoT) is nearly everywhere these days; as a result, potential security risks are also nearly everywhere. Your company needs to take the risks associated with the IoT into account and prepare accordingly.

What is Your Business Willing to Risk?
When developing a policy for your business concerning the IoT, you need to establish what and/or how much you’re willing to leave vulnerable; this has much to do with your employees and what they are able to access. The more data an employee has access to, the riskier it is to allow that employee to utilize the IoT in the office. Similarly, the less data an employee can access, the less of a relative risk it is to allow them to use IoT devices.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to remember that the term ‘relative’ is an important one. IoT devices are notorious for their suspect security measures, making it important to take numerous factors into consideration. First, how confidential or sensitive is the data that a particular employee can access? If they are well separated from any confidential or sensitive data, permitting them to make basic use of the IoT may be a valid option. This may very well depend on the industry that your organization serves, as well as the security standards of the organization itself. Check what has been outlined in your company’s handbook to ensure that you meet any standard security practices.

A Well-Trained Staff = A Prepared Staff
More than one person in any business needs to be mindful of its security, including, and especially, when the Internet of Things is involved. It isn’t enough for organizational leadership to campaign for mindful and secure practices. If a business is to be protected against the dangers that the IoT still presents, security must be a team effort. Everyone in a company has to not only be aware of the risks that the IoT may pose, they also need to know and subscribe to the company’s use policies. Additionally, it also becomes imperative for staff members to be able to identify and handle the warning signs of a threat leveraging the IoT.

Lead by Example
In order to create a solid awareness of IoT risks in the workplace, office leadership needs to take the first steps. By subscribing to the guidelines that are placed upon employees themselves, management can set an example as to how the IoT can be appropriately used.

Prudence is the key to wisely and safely utilizing the Internet of Things. For more assistance with implementing technology solutions, give Macro Systems a call at 703-359-9211.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018
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