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Gadgets To Gift To Loved Ones With Particular Interests

Gadgets To Gift To Loved Ones With Particular Interests

Selecting the right gift for someone can be stressful. To eliminate some of that stress for you, here are some gadgets that could be the perfect gift for someone on your holiday list.

For Photography Fans
In this technologically advanced era, someone who's never used a camera could pick one up and take a pefectly passable photo. There’s plenty of gift options, whether the recipient prefers using a mobile device to take their shots, or is a camera-lugging hobbyist. For the smartphone ‘togger, there’s accessories like a lens adapter, a selfie light or remote, while a camera-user might prefer receiving a basic point-and-shoot like the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V or Nikon D5500, or might prefer some accessory that provides quite a bit of use, like a tripod. Some photography fans might even like a portable backup and editing tool, like the GNARBOX.

For the IoT Enthusiast
The market has become swamped with connected devices and other Internet of Things items. As a result, there are potential gifts for users of every level of experience with the IoT. For rookies, there are kits like the Philips Hue Starter Kit to establish the idea of the IoT and what it can do. Digital assistants make a great gift for someone who wants to automate the world they live in. Some gifts to consider getting someone like this include the Amazon Echo, Echo Spot, and Echo Show, or the Google Home, Home Max and Home Mini.

For the Media Addict
Entertainment is a driving power behind technological growth; there is always a new gadget to give someone who loves gaming, reading, or watching. The groundbreaking Nintendo Switch and Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One X, make great gift options for a gamer, while someone who is always reading a book might appreciate the library they can carry in an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle Oasis. For those you want to spend a little more on, there are always televisions like the Samsung 4K HD and the Sony A1E series OLED 4K. While these items might cost a little more, the smiles these gifts will bring will be worth the cost.

What other gifts come to mind of for a technology lover who has another particular interest? Have there been gifts that you have given that we haven’t mentioned but belong on these lists? Tell us in the comments!

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Monday, 19 March 2018
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