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Some Considerations You Need to Make Regarding the Internet of Things

Some Considerations You Need to Make Regarding the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is somewhat familiar to the world now. IoT devices are in your homes, in your offices, and in your pockets. While these devices are very helpful, they also add to some significant security hazards. Let's review some of the ways to limit these risks while still leveraging the IoT.

Do You Really Need it to Be Connected?
Your initial consideration to make is whether or not connecting a particular item will be a large enough benefit to be worth the inherent dangers. Depending on the device, an Internet of Things item could be used to spy, steal data, and even track your whereabouts. If the device in question directly offers you a convenient, worthwhile utility, it could be worth the risk. If the connected device serves little purpose beyond its novelty, or its purpose could be managed by a staff member, it is best to leave it disconnected.

Is Your Environment as Secure as it Could Be?
You need to ensure that the environment that you are using an IoT device in is as secure as it can be. Ensuring that your firmware is updated will make sure that you have the latest security patches and fixes for the various exploits and vulnerabilities that the IoT presents. If possible, this process should be automated so that your IoT devices, as well as your router, are completely updated.

You should also check if your router supports guest networking. With guest networking, you can prevent potentially risky IoT devices from accessing your main business network, thus protecting its contents.

Last but not least, you need to always make sure that your passwords are in line with best practices, and that you are not reusing passwords between devices and accounts. When you follow these guidelines, even if one of your accounts is comprised, the rest of your accounts are secure behind different credentials.

Does Your Business Have Rules Regarding Devices and their Permissions?
In conclusion, the best way to keep your business secure from IoT issues is to create rules regarding the use of these devices and monitor their permissions. Going back to the consideration of whether a device absolutely needs to be connected, you need to ponder whether it even needs to be in the office at all. For example: a smartwatch can offer some business utility, while a smart salt dispenser does not.

Monitoring your network can significantly help you identify if any unapproved devices have made a connection. Macro Systems can help. Call 703-359-9211 to learn more.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018
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