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Which VPN is Best For Your Organization?

Which VPN is Best For Your Organization?

Numerous computer users worry about their privacy--and judging by the discussions surrounding the FCC and Net Neutrality, they should be. Now that users are responsible for the privacy of their online activity, they are finding new ways to make sure that corporations are not taking advantage of their Internet activity--mostly through the use of a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.

VPNs are not new for organizations. Businesses have so many different aspects that it can be overwhelming, especially in this age of mobile devices and remote access software. A VPN works by using a strong encryption protocol that keeps data both sent to and by a device safe while it’s in transit. This keeps any onlookers from spying any sensitive information that’s sent through it. It also keeps data privacy the way it should be--without the Internet companies’ special interests in mind. Plus, since a VPN uses a different computer’s IP address instead of yours, you’ll have even more privacy.

You still need to carefully vet your potential VPNs, though, especially for business purposes. Here are some attributes to consider when looking for the best VPN for your needs.

The VPN's Reputation
A third-party VPN could potentially be funneling all of your data through their servers, which is why it’s critical that you know who you’re trusting with this responsibility. You don’t want your VPN to go through a company that shares your personal information with advertising organizations. A VPN provider should pride themselves on security and privacy, so look for those that have strong reputations in both. Search the web for online reviews; this can be very helpful in determining a VPN's character.

Look For a Strict Zero-Logging Policy
Your Internet service provider tracks your activity and communications with your network. You should expect something different from a VPN provider. You’ll want one that adheres to a strict zero-logging policy that keeps your activity as private as possible.

Look at Jurisdiction
What is the location of your VPN company? Depending on the location, your privacy may not be their priority. This isn’t necessarily their fault; due to legislation, they can’t. You want to avoid companies that have to abide by the laws put into place by Five Eyes and Fourteen Eyes countries: those found in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

What Are Their Encryption Standards
Most VPNs will use OpenVPN protocol, but will offer increased security features in exchange for limited bandwidth and speed. You can choose between SSH or SSL tunneling, depending on the needs of your business. Just remember that you deserve the best privacy settings for your business’ important data.

A consumer-grade VPN will only suffice for your personal browsing needs, but it won’t be enough to keep your business safe. To learn more about a business-grade VPN, reach out to us at 703-359-9211.

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