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A.R. Growth Presents Future Possibilities

A.R. Growth Presents Future Possibilities

Some may have heard the term augmented reality, but they'd be surprised to learn just how much augmented reality they already utilize in their life. For the majority of people who use a smartphone, A.R. applications (like a camera app) are already used heavily. Let's take a look at augmented reality and how it is going to be utilized in the future.

Today’s Augmented Reality
As noted above, many people who use a smartphone in our modern era have used some sort of augmented reality technology. In an A.R. application, a virtual image is layered over real-world objects caught through the camera on the device. The overlay is simulated simultaneously with the input received over the Internet and through the camera. A.R. increases user engagement as they need to interact directly with the superimposed images.

Developers are attempting to harness the potential power of the technology by developing applications that are intuitive and useful. There have already been some successful A.R. rollouts, like the furniture app, Augment, and the ever-popular A.R. game Pokemon Go. Even A.R. browsers have been developed. Argon4 with its Javascript framework makes it easier to add augmented content to web applications.

Tomorrow's Augmented Reality
While there haven’t been a ton of applications developed to completion so far, the future of A.R. looks very promising. A.R. technology could be most useful in creating tutorials on how to do particular tasks. Anything that you need a step-by-step guide for could be made easier via the use of A.R. For example: if you need to troubleshoot relatively simple maintenance to your car, an A.R. app can be developed to map everything under your car’s hood, and give you a tutorial on how to replace spark plugs, fluids, and other simple tasks that usually cost car-owners thousands of dollars every year. Similar applications could be rolled out in schools in the near future, providing massive benefits for educators and students, alike.

Other apps that are currently in development include:

  • eCommerce: Increase consumer satisfaction with real-time and life-like shopping experiences using digital overlays.
  • Marketing: In-store applications can help shoppers with all the information that has typically been done through printed literature. The use of A.R can really upgrade your marketing initiatives.
  • Gaming: A.R. games are all the rage. By gamifying the world around us, more people are out doing things, improving society.

Augmented reality hasn’t blown up yet, but don’t be surprised if the technology is omnipresent in the very near future. At Macro Systems we keep up on tomorrow’s top technologies so that we can provide the best technology services for our clients. If you would like more information about augmented reality, or any other new and emerging technology, reach out to us today at 703-359-9211.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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