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Why Your Business Needs Unified Communications

Why Your Business Needs Unified Communications

It’s not unusual for an organization to sideline communications in favor of getting operations off the ground; the problem with that is communications are supposed to be used for augmenting operations. Thus, companies that don’t utilize a unified communications system are doing themselves a disservice in many ways.

The Problems With Non-Unified Communications
Imagine a business has twenty employees and they all conduct business using their own personal email addresses. Not only does this look unprofessional, it also means that this business has little to no control over how they use these email addresses and the information contained within them. If they are using their personal email addresses to make contact with prospective clients, your reputation will certainly suffer as a result. Moreover, sending sensitive information from accounts that your business can’t control puts that information at risk, which is simply not acceptable for any self-respecting business owner.

Additionally, it’s simply confusing for clients to work with any business that doesn’t have all of their email accounts or phone numbers under the same umbrella. It would be easy for a hacker to claim they work for your business simply because there isn’t a way for the clients to know that they actually don’t work for you. Any organizations that don’t have a unified email domain name or phone number make this reality more likely, creating a problematic situation.

Also, what happens when employees leave your organization? While we would all love employees to stick around forever, this isn’t the reality of the business world. If you’re not utilizing a unified communications solution where you have control over all contacts and accounts for that user, they could up and leave your business tomorrow and take all of their communications with your clients with them.

These are all good reasons for your organization to consider unified communications. But what’s included with this?

The Primary Points of Unified Communications
Unified communications includes a surplus of services that permit your business to communicate more efficiently. More importantly, however, it provides your business with an dentity that helps it communicate with potential or current clients. Here are some of the vital points of using a unified communications solution:

  • Unified email hosted by Macro Systems, complete with email archiving for later access.
  • Unified phone system accessible via the cloud, making it available for use on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.
  • Instant messaging and other apps that let your business stay connected at all times.

Don’t waste any more time: implement unified communications today! To learn more, reach out to us at 703-359-9211.

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