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What to Consider When Creating a Username

What to Consider When Creating a Username

When you sign up for a service online, you'll be asked to make a username and password. Here, let's clarify the purpose of a username and supply you with some best practices on how to create the best username possible for you.

The username is the name given to a user, computer, or network and is usually some abbreviation of the user’s, computer’s, or network’s name. An example: a user’s name is Brett Hanson, a strong username would be hansbrt. A username is specifically for identification purposes in the database that holds access information.

In some instances, a username could also simply be your email that you use to sign up for a service, or a display name for people to find you on a service. An example is the popular payment app Venmo that uses the username as a way to send someone money. Making your username easy to remember and share may be a benefit.

In other cases, you might want to make your username something more distinctive and less recognizable. An example of this kind of case would be in regard to your bank account username, which someone shouldn't be able to accurately guess. 

Combined with powerful, distinct passwords, unique usernames can add one small extra step to make it harder to get into your accounts.

Username Best Practices
Along with your password, your username is critical because it is essential for access. Since it’s the key to a user’s identity when trying to access data and applications, it is imperative to follow some best practices, which are listed below:

  1. Choose a username you can remember - Most services have a password retrieval or reset tool attached, but not many have a tool that permits you to retrieve your identifier. Keep it simple.
  2. Do Not use personal information - Information such as your social security number should never, ever be used as a username or password. Your social security number is a coveted piece of information that, if attained, can cause you a lot of problems. Other sensitive information to avoid using includes your date of birth, any contact information, or anything else you wouldn’t want a total stranger to have.
  3. Take into account the platform you are signing into - If you want an account to stay anonymous, make sure that your username is something obscure or is set to not show.

We use usernames every day, so the more you are aware of how to best use them to your advantage, the better. For more great technology information contact Macro Systems today at 703-359-9211.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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