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Mobile Device Management Can Help Your Business

Mobile Device Management Can Help Your Business

It's inevitable that employees will bring their mobile devices to work, even if the boss bans them. Instead of worrying about these workers wasting time during the day, try turning those devices to your advantage. There are more tools out there than ever before to not only add smartphones to your workflows, but to make them profitable and valuable for your business.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is with Macro System's mobile device management (MDM) service. Depending on your organization's specific needs, you’ll need a different solution compared to others. To help you make the best decision, below is a list of features that can help you contrast your needs with the various services available through mobile device management.

What’s a MDM?
A mobile device management solution is usually meant to assist IT administrators and business management in enforcing policies on mobile devices. These policies are implemented with the purpose of protecting the business’ network and data from being targeted by threats. Via a mobile device management software, IT administrators can control and reinforce policies or add applications to devices that access company assets.

Why Utilize MDM?
There are three reasons why your business might want to implement MDM software, and all of them are due to the recent influx of mobile devices to the workplace. Since the early 2000s, security has become more important for this very reason. Businesses simply want to control access to data, and you should too.

  • Access: A critical focus of mobile device management is permitting employees access to imperative work resources without compromising your organization's security. For example: MDM is only as useful as your applications are on a mobile phone, so you’ll want to take careful measure of how your employees can be successful with a MDM solution on their devices. The access provided can be quite considerable for most businesses that find value in flexibility.
  • Upgraded Visibility: Another significant part of using a MDM is that you can construct and enforce compliance guidelines that your staff needs to abide by. This can include which devices have access to certain data. Your business can then utilize this information to remain cognizant of the biggest threats to its data security.
  • General Security Measures: Overall, the most important aspect to remember about MDM solutions is that they are designed to protect your business’ data and infrastructure from threats. To this end, there are several solutions baked into the service that keep threats out of your devices, including whitelisting and blacklisting apps and remote wiping for worst-case scenarios.

Want to Know More?
For more information about how your organization can fully leverage a MDM solution to its benefit, reach out to Macro Systems at 703-359-9211.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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